Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What have you been doing?

It seems like it's been busy since my last post. I guess I haven't posted anything because I haven't baked hardly anything for the past few months. I just shipped off some cookies to a friend but I don't want to post them until she gets them. Our family is still adjusting to the new fall schedule. We have to get up much earlier to get Wes off to kindergarten and it's been taking it's toll on all of us. Wes loves school. So does Kate. She is disappointed on the days she doesn't get to go to school.

Weston's 1st day. I think Kate asked me 50 times "Where Wessy?"

Kate's 1st day. Weston wearing his school uniform (love it!).

Thanks for checking in. Baking stuff next time!

1 comment:

  1. Hey - - That's me! I'm the friend...right?
    Just sent Mom the link to your site and saw this entry...I don't check in here often enough!
    Yummy cookies!