Sunday, May 30, 2010

Camping Cookies

I made these camping cookies for a 5 year olds end of year party. Weston thought these were cool which led to a LONG discussion about camping. Discussion=whining about why we don't camp more. More is a stretch since his camping experience is a tent in our backyard. This from a kid who wouldn't go on our porch or in the backyard after seeing a 1 inch frog out there. I will be kind and not describe in detail what happened when he saw a snake in the yard recently. It involved tears and screaming. I think we'll stick to camping cookies and backyard camping for now. Especially since backyard camping is a daddy activity and I sleep in my comfortable bed in the air conditioned house.

Friday, May 28, 2010

1st Fondant cake

I'm taking a fondant/gumpaste class at Michaels. It's so much fun to get to talk to other women about cakes and decorating ideas. This is my 1st cake for the class. We aren't allowed much creativity. It's a Wilton class and we have to follow the guidelines. Not sure why anyone would have a drape like this across a cake unless it was covering a baby but whatever. Hopefully I will look back at this one day soon and laugh.

This was our last week of school. My baby graduated from preschool yesterday! As my neighbor so sweetly put it, "You're old now that you have an elementary school kid." I'm proud of him. But none of that kindergarten talk for a few months. We have summer to enjoy!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

First Communion

These stumped me but I'm happy with the results. Couldn't figure out what to do. My chalice was looking like a margarita glass. The name of the child written across the cross looked a little too crucifix like for me. So crosses with pretty little stuff on them did the trick.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

End of year gifts

Wondering what to give the teachers for an end of year gift? How about 5 adorable cookies in a cookie bouquet! Hard to see in this pic but the back square cookie says "Thank you". All of this for just $10!

Cute right? But after you get it home you can personalize it a bit to make it extra special.

Get out a little acrylic paint and have the kid's put hand prints on it. I just used a Sharpie to write "thank you" and "love, Weston 2010". Took all of 5 minutes.

Are you the room mom? This would be a cute and inexpensive way to give a gift card too. Just tuck it in and write the kids names on the pot, the name of the school and 2010.

Thanks for looking! Email me at ASAP if you would like to treat your teachers to a yummy treat!